About Us

Greycaps is Asia’s largest onstage quizzing and knowledge services company. Since 1999, it has successfully adopted and implemented quizzing and other programs as an alternative platform for education in India to enhance and sustain awareness and interest levels related to happenings across the world, aided by appropriate technology. These innovations have been a huge success both in urban and rural areas of India to deliver knowledge and enhance confidence levels of the youth.
Change is a constant in the modern world!
Learning, Unlearning and Relearning are the keys to success in this ever changing environment. Greycaps works towards empowering individuals, especially the youth, with greater knowledge thereby enabling them to aspire and achieve more.
Challenges of the future cannot be met by merely improving on what we did in the past. A new model of learning built on divergent thinking to harness human capacity to the maximum is required. This is what we call the LEARNING REVOLUTION.

Our logo is a symbol of the future, as we see it.  It represents the spectrum of innovative solutions that we create to spark human curiosity and lead a learning revolution.
Roots - Greycaps started off as a quizzing company. We provided solutions to schools, colleges and corporates in the form of quizzes. This allowed quizzing to be viewed as an alternative tool for learning and created an entirely new demographic, namely, THE KNOWLEDGE HUNGRY! As the quizzing business grew, our roots spread further and we grew to be the No. 1 quizzing company in Asia.
Bark – Our strength and expertise lies in the domain of research and content development. We have successfully been able to create knowledge solutions through various methods of experiential learning. Our content development experience is ably combined with generationally relevant delivery models and mediums. 
Leaves – Our gamut of offerings encompasses quiz, general knowledge, academic books and values education. They form the different bundles of ‘leaves’ or offerings that we provide and eventually what everyone gets to experience. 
Crown – The letter ‘g’ with the distinct grey cap, is our indelible imprint and stamp of quality that symbolises a Greycaps creation.

History of Greycaps