Value Pillars

Value Pillars is a comprehensive, structured values education series, which will help shape students’ personality and character, making them truly responsible and global citizens.

Main features

6 essential levels are identified in the personality of a human being and relevant values on every level are discussed.

Every level has two values, adding up to 12 values per class, per year.

The series is created age-wise from Class 5 to 9.

It covers 24 teaching sessions, plus additional 6 sessions for assessments.

Today, there is a great hunger in children to succeed. Their aspirations and ambitions are very different. They live in a truly global environment. While striving to achieve more for themselves and doing so at a global level, they must learn to achieve it the RIGHT WAY.
To ensure that we facilitate this, we have focussed on a wholesome approach to Values Education, which will help shape the personality and character of a child. We have identified different levels in the of personality of a human being, where relevant values are discussed. We call this the ‘Value Growth Pyramid’.
Two values per level are discussed and these values have been developed after a detailed study of the Indian Constitution – Fundamental Duties list of values.   

1. Individual Level – Intrinsic qualities, traits and values of an individual.
2. Interpersonal Level – Interaction with others.
3. Community Level – Building a harmonious community and society.
4. Acceptable Social Behaviour – Demonstrate responsible and socially acceptable behaviour.
5. National Level – Forming the basis for building a progressive nation.
6. Global Level – Creation of a healthy global environment, where peaceful co-existence is paramount. 

STUDENTS One textbook-cum-workbook per year.

Six levels in a year, two values per level.

TEACHERS Program orientation

Defined and structured delivery modules week after week

30 teaching periods, of which, 6 periods are for assessments and 24 periods are for the course material.

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