Ancient Indian knowledge systems and traditions in NCERT books
 - 05 February, 2019
According to content analysis, ancient Indian knowledge, tradition and practices will find more space in the new NCERT textbooks hitting the shelves in March.
Books of classes 6 to 10 will carry new or additional information on ancient Indian philosophy, Ayurveda, yoga, teachings of Upanishads and smritis, and scientific achievements of ancient India in areas such as astronomy and metallurgy. These changes are part of the textbook review which were undertaken last year by the NCERT.
At a lecture series, HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar had mentioned that NCERT will work on giving students a better understanding of Bharat and its ‘glorious past’.
NCERT has made roughly 1,334 changes, which include additions, correction and data update in its 182 text books. This is the first comprehensive review of NCERT textbooks after the National Curriculum Framework was drafted in 2005.
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