Quiz Research and Hosting
Research: At Greycaps, research is the cornerstone of all our products and quizzes are no different. Our research process is detailed and exhaustive, making sure that every question is independently verified and corroborated. Our research team works with a wide gamut of corporate clients, researching questions and facts on a variety of topics.
Hosting: We are Asia’s largest quizzing company and have hosted over 2000 quiz shows for large corporate entities, educational institutions and governmental authorities both in India and across several global locations.
In addition to research and hosting, we also assist in the mentoring of quiz clubs across schools in order to empower students and guide them in researching and hosting their own quizzes as well as preparing them to challenge for the title in national level quizzes such as the TCS IT Wiz.
Our Quiz Hosts
Responsive imageGiri Balasubramaniam , better known by his pseudonym Pickbrain, is a noted quizmaster and co-founder of Greycaps, Asia’s largest onstage quizzing and knowledge services company.
Responsive imageA natural writer, a content creator and a passionate Knowledge Enthusiast, Rashmi succeeds in keeping audiences from all over engaged and engrossed by her stage presence.
Responsive imageA passionate Knowledge Enthusiast and content creator, Vishnu thrives in making quizzing engaging for a larger audience. A charismatic host, he keeps audiences engaged and engrossed with his stage presence and hosting style.
Responsive imageLLOYD started his career with Asia’s largest onstage quizzing and knowledge services company Greycaps India Pvt. Ltd in 2004 and went on to become India’s Youngest Professional Quizmaster.
Responsive imageAn avid quizzer and knowledge enthusiast since the age of five, Palak won several quizzes during his time in school and college at both the state and national level. He currently holds the title of 'National Champion' at the prestigious TATA Crucible Campus Quiz, 2017.
Our Quizzes
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